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About last night … on the MTN Project Fame Season 9 show

September 5, 2016

Last night’s show nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I mean, these days I just easily want to cry when I watch MTN Project Fame, and no, it’s not because my eyes have too much water. You just look back at how far these guys have come, and how much they have grown and you have excitement willies all over. Choi!

Ehen, so I was almost going to cry watching last night’s show. First, there was Uncle Ben singing an almost perfect rendition of Fela’s ‘Water’ and I’m like: “Dude, why you gotta be so goooood!” See ehn, Uncle Ben may be many things, but one thing he always is an outstanding musician. It shows in his thoroughness, in his expressions, in his movement.  That man owns the stage when he gets on it.  He burns it down with the fire in his voice. Dear Lord! (Self-control, Ife, self-control)

Then there was Martin, Chisom 1 of Ojukwu Kingdom! Hahaha…  Just laidat o, my friend is a star! When I watched him speak on ‘why #irepprojectfame’ I immediately sent him a message on WhatsApp: “Awesome! Very well said.” His face turned pink o.

… it just happened he was wearing pink too

I could not have said it better myself, well, except the part about whether MTN pays the faculty. The hianity! You think Uncle Ben’s face will be strong like that if they didn’t pay him well, Or Mummy J will be saying “Well dahn. Well dahn.” with a smile if the money wasn’t gorgeous? Stay there o. Instead of you to apply for Language instructor for next season so all your big grammar will fetch you fat cash and more stardom and we will be getting free passes to live shows anyhow. Kikiki…

The show kicked off and it was goosebumps galore. Pere’s tribute to OJB Jezreel was perhaps my highest point of the evening. And then there was Mirabel’s emotional rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘If somebody loves you.’ Kitay hit home with ‘What’s going on’ by Marvin Gaye and Okiemute ended the night on a powerful note with Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab.’ All in all, last night was brilliant. I don’t understand this love Bibi Brew has for Winner. In almost every season, Bibi picks a favorite. I remember that one time it was Ella in Season Five. It was obvious and annoying, but the lady came fourth eventually. I fear Winner might just come forth too… err…fourth, I mean. Who else thinks they look alike a little, Winner and Bibi? Oh, just me? Okay.

This season is coming real close to its end. I think we have just two weeks left, and we definitely would miss it when it’s gone. And because my oversabi is not from here, I am predicting that Kitay would win. Either Pere or Okiemute would come second, and Liz and Winner would hustle for fourth. Just like this:

 MTN Pfame_Kitay
 MTN Pfame_winner  MTN Pfame-Elizabeth-Emoruwa



If these predictions work, you people can come and consult me for your life’s predictions. My charges won’t blow your pockets; I can’t say the same for your bank accounts though 😉

And if these predictions don’t play out eventually, I was never here. Bye-bye.


By Ife Olujuyigbe


Words Are Work … and fun too!

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  • Reply Louisa September 5, 2016 at 4:50 pm


    • Reply Chisom September 8, 2016 at 7:46 pm

      LMAO. Thanks Louisa

  • Reply Tomicity September 5, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    Spot on review…

    • Reply Chisom September 8, 2016 at 7:46 pm

      Ife is good. I swear it.

  • Reply Pauline 'Lina' Ife September 12, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Hahahaha Ife… I love that. Kikiki
    Ok bye bye

    • Reply Chisom September 14, 2016 at 8:42 pm

      lmao. smh for you, Lina

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