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How to submit


Words Are Work (WAW) is happy to receive your submissions, work with you through the editing process, and eventually publish your work on the blog and/or in periodic publications. If this is something you would be interested in as a writer, send a mail to or with the following format:

Mail subject: Submission (Category) – (Title of submission)

Mail body:

(You may choose to construct this like a letter or however, but include the following details)

Email address
Phone number (Other contact details)
Short bio (five sentences max is advised. If you have been published with a bio before, indicate)
Attachments: in Microsoft Word, Notes or Pdf format. Pictures are optional (we will request if it’s necessary)


Mail title: Submission (Poets’ Thursday) – A Brand New Day

Mail body:

Dear Editor,

Please find attached my submission for your Poets’ Thursday category. My details for publishing are as follows:

Name: Bill Erugo
Email address:
Phone number: 08012345678
Short bio: Bill is an introverted extrovert who loves to swim and fly at night. He lives alone with his cat and mother-in-law.

My submission is attached below.



Bill Erugo.


We try to be as flexible as possible and we are committed to helping our writers produce final drafts that are worthy of publishing in the best literary spheres worldwide. However here are a few guidelines that will largely increase your chances of having your submission accepted:


– Read previous works on this site to get a feel of what we accept for publication.

– Please use double quotation marks ( ” ) when marking dialogue or a quotation.

– Use the British spelling of words (Colour, Parlour etc.)

– Use a full stop after appropriate abbreviations (Mr. Mrs. etc.)

– Spell out all numbers except for dates and other serial numbers. Reference to time should be spelled out eight-thirty P.M.

– Do not indent the beginning of new paragraphs (This does not apply to poetry.)

– Only use a single space at the end of a sentence and the beginning of the next sentence.

– Only use single spacing between paragraphs.

– Please provide a translation index for any non-English words (if the meanings of the words have not been inferred in the write-up).



Open to writers from all over the world. Flash fiction, short stories and serialized fiction are welcome.

Essays and reviews (books, movies, sports, etc.) are welcome as well.

Word Limit:

Flash fiction (50 – 800 words);
Short stories (800 – 5000 words; 2000 words max is preferred);
Serialized fiction (can be of any length but must consist of at least six 1000-word episodes)

Genres: All genres.



Word Limit: Opinion pieces and true-life stories should be 500 – 2000 words (preferred length is around 800 – 1200). True-life stories should be clearly indicated as such.

Topics: All (But relationship matters, current affairs and social commentary with little bits of funny are cherished)



Word Limit: Poems should be between 500 – 2000 words (preferred length is 800 – 1000 words).

Topics: All are welcome.



If you’re not sure where your write-up falls in, indicate so in your mail.


Language: English only (stories may contain small parts with other languages)

Reposts: We accept posts that have previously been published on other blogs/magazines, but please inform us if this is the case.


Again, thank you for submitting. Remember, keep writing 🙂


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