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About the final 6 … on the MTN Project Fame 9 show

September 13, 2016

One last goodbye and then they were six!

Season nine has been a yacht cruise, and last night was the arrival. The rest. The candle-light dinner of meats and wines. The professional massage on the dreamy resort in the middle of the sea. From sixteen, we were down to the last six of three men and three women. Perfection.

Sunday night’s show was the change we’d been waiting for. For the first time in my lifetime, Bolanle and Joseph were not standing at the centre of the stage doing the yawn-inducing “Welcome to MTN Project Fame West Africa”.  They were not even introducing the contestants; they allowed them introduce themselves (which I think is sweet, by the way), and even held mini interviews for the final six, some sort of preparation for the life after the academy. To say I was impressed is the understatement of September. Nkiru Njoku is magnificent as their head of content. Change begins with Project Fame, atink?

Winner’s ‘Iyogogo’, the way she thumped the stage with her heavy feet, it was the perfect opening to a night of sumptuous performances. Pere sang to his mother, and then showered her with kisses so bad her head-tie fell off. Everyone was on their feet after that, awwing and ahhing at the depth of love. And me I was on a couch in my home, dabbing my eyes with a mop.  Kitay was masked to play Lagbaja, and he got the voice perfectly in ‘Coolu temper’. Elizabeth was beautiful for her ‘Agolo’ performance, and while Dapo appeared to have come into his own with ‘Taxi Driver’, Okiemute made us all laugh with the theatrics in her ‘So Ala Temen’ cultural rendition.

Then the second round of performances began and we were blown off Mother Earth with Nigerian classics. Kitay performed Sunny Neji’s ‘Ikebe’. Winner was fierce doing Wande Coal’s ‘You bad’, Pere asked Bibi Brew to a dance with Blackky’s ‘Rossie’, and Dapo gave some jaw-dropping steps to ‘Shakomo’ by the Remedies. Okiemute’s rendition of TuBaba’s ‘See Me So’ had me shouting ‘Mama! Mama!’. I think they had to bundle me off Mars at that time for noise-making and send me right back to Earth, just in time for Elizabeth’s remix of Weird MC’s ‘Ijo ya’ that got the world on its feet.

And we are supposed to choose a winner from this awesome lot? Does MTN even have a conscience at all? Can’t they just give six people 5 million Naira and let them go and rest? Is this even fair?

Oh well, what can we do? The annoying part is that it gets confusing with every passing week.  Just last week, I was sure Kitay would take it home, this week I am plagued with the thought that Okiemute, who is a goddess with a mic would do the magic. Seriously though, what are the odds that we would have two Okiemutes in one season who would be so damn good we wouldn’t even know who to give the prize to (Kitay is short for Okiemute)? And to think they both auditioned in this same Port Harcourt I am in. That’s it, I am going to audition next season biko. This is a sign from the stars.

Then there is Pere who is just so adorable you want to find him and pull his cheeks till they come off. He is a strong contender with his unbelievable range and charming personality, but is he as strong as Elizabeth who people have come to love fiercely, especially for her relationship with Kitay. (Oh, you didn’t know those two are an item? Have you been living under a rock?). And then there is Dapo who suddenly has become a low-key Wizkid jumping around (Wizbaby?), killing us a little every time he opens his mouth and having his confidence grow from the size of a mustard seed to the height of an iroko. He murdered both his performances last night and made us very happy. What if he suddenly wins every heart and wins their votes as well? And last but not least is Winner, whose name is already a prophecy. This is so confusing, I must confess, especially since an amebo bird whispered to me that the show ends in two weeks. *sigh*

In the meantime, your favorite seer is here again, with prophesies that can change your life. Hehe.

My predictions are pretty much the same.  Except, now, Okiemute is on top of the chain (can I get a whoop whoop?!). It would be nice to have a female winner after so long, and we can trust she would make us all proud because music is her business already (compared to several others who are still in school and may forget to ‘blow’ when they leave the academy because well, Maths exam.)

So there; Okiemute for the crown, Kitay and Pere for second and third. Elizabeth and Dapo can contend for fourth. And Winner, err…well… She’s a winner.


 MTN Pfame_Kitay    MTN Pfame_Pere
 MTN Pfame-Elizabeth-Emoruwa  mtn-pfame-dapo  MTN Pfame_winner


As usual, if these predictions work, you people can come and consult me for your life’s predictions. If they don’t play out eventually, I was never here. Bye-bye.


By Ife Olujuyigbe

Words Are Work … and fun too!

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  • Reply Muna September 13, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Awwww. I love, love, love me your writing. And some more. We have the same prediction too. Okiemute is just so good. I wonder what this season would have been if MTN Project Fame didn’t have someone as dynamic as her to perform all those songs she did. My God. Babe is damn good, a delight to watch and she is made already. She should win, please. I’m going to vote all I have. Kitay can make do with 1st runner up.

    • Reply Chisom September 14, 2016 at 8:41 pm

      Hehehe. You best make good on that ‘vote all I have’, because I can tell you ehn, ‘Warri’ boys are not smiling.

  • Reply Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer September 13, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    I believe your prediction already but as soon as it clicks. You will be my lifetime astrologer. #Winks

    • Reply Chisom September 14, 2016 at 8:40 pm

      Oshe! Ife, see contract opportunity oh. We don dey hammer already, small small. *skelewu*

  • Reply Walter September 13, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    I’m here for every contender BUT Dapo. You call them ‘awesome’ contenders, abeg Dapo no follow. I agree with your predictions of first, second and third. But Dapo over Winner? Come. On!

    • Reply Chisom September 14, 2016 at 8:40 pm

      Hehehe. See ‘Winner’ beef. *tongue*

  • Reply Talkaholic September 15, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Some people can write sha
    I just got done reading a video of their performances on your blog
    You’re are too oooo oooh good
    Pen on.

  • Reply Pauline 'Lina' Ife September 16, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Hahahaha…ooo predict right biko. At a time like this ‘kwanfuzion’ wouldn’t allow somebori know wat to do anymore mbok. Success!!!

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